Alan Schmucker and his wife Mary

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I started my career in the construction & remodeling industry 32 years ago, working as a carpenters apprentice under a man named Delbert Cook of Barn Craft Inc. He was an old time craftsman who had a passion for buildings built in the 1800’s. We built residential homes & additions, using reclaimed beams and wood from old barns, while incorporating the same methods of post & beam structures from centuries past. I learned the craft hands on from the beginning and quickly developed the same passion for producing homes that would stand the test of time.

Through the years I have had the privilege of working in many different facets of the industry from new to old developing my skills and knowledge learning how to restore old buildings, bringing them into the 21st century for people to enjoy for years to come. In 2004 my wife Mary and I started Olde World Restoration LLC with the help from our sons A.J. and Jesse and my nephew Nathan. Since our founding, we have been striving to provide the highest quality of service & craftsmanship possible. Our latest project has been restoring a home built in 1907; a Victorian style architecture originally built as a two family. We converted it into a single family, three bedroom, three full bath home. The full profile will soon be available to view here on the website.

We moved into this home in 2008 and are continuing to improve the property with a new two-story garage to match the homes Victorian style. At the present time our business has mostly come through sub-contracting and customer referrals, but we are now hoping to expand that base with new exposure from our web site. My hope is to continue taking on new challenges and leaving a lasting legacy for my children and grandchildren to come. We hope to see you soon, from all of us at Olde World, Happy Remodeling.

- AL, Owner and Master Carpenter

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